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All sorts of portfolio updates: part 1

Work life in Austin has been busy in the past year and I've finally sat down and added some of what I've been involved in the last twelve months to my portfolio. In this next series of posts I'll talk about some of that work. To start, we're going to look at the work for the side project I launched early this year: an augmented reality clothing project called No_System. You can see the whole portfolio page here.

See Beneath the Surface, the No_Sys tagline. The goal is to hide meaning beneath the surface of t-shirt imagery. Hidden mantras that let people wear truths without needing to necessarily share them.

Here's the announcement video for the project. In my early years at Rooster Teeth I spent a lot of time working on merchandise designs and I missed working on t-shirts. This allowed me to merge all of the various bits of me into a new project. Design, animation, music, there's a little bit of everything in every piece. I launched the project with an art show at a party I hosted with the local motion design community during SXSW called SIGNAL. We had a couple of hundred people join us for a night of art, speakers and DJs.

SIGNAL event image
SIGNAL 2018 Poster

The augmented reality in the project is driven by an Austrian AR platform called Artivive. I've been so happy to work with their platform and meet some of the other artists using it. I recently did a tutorial walking through my process with their app.

Above is a gallery of some of the No System pieces I've put out this year. I can't wait to put out more. Lastly, I've curated a group of augmented reality artists for a panel proposal at SXSW next year. The panel picker voting process went live today, August 5th. I'd appreciate your vote if you can take a minute and help out.

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