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Caffeinating the user experience for Briggo Coffee

Gourmet Coffee Now looping gif
Gourmet Coffee Now slide from the Briggo Coffee Haus

I was so excited that this project has rolled out that I'm skipping ahead to talk about it before getting to other recent work. This project hasn't even been posted to the portfolio yet. My friend Ben Cecil at UPG Video brought me in to help Briggo Coffee build out a digital signage system for their exceptionally cool robotic coffee machines. They've recently rolled out the new screens at Austin Bergstrom airport and have been sharing about it on Instagram. Here's a recent promo video from their feed.

The goal for the new digital signage system is to carry people through a voyage of discovery and get them comfortable that Briggo is a high-class coffee option. The first, screen offers an eye-catching appeal to welcome and entice people to try the coffee, and then while waiting for their drink, the next screen lightly entertains and informs. Animations also span the two screens to create a piece of moving art.

One of the slides from the zone of information.

The response to the signage so far has been positive, and Briggo has also recently launched their first machine at SFO in San Francisco. If you've got the chance, try their coffee. It's great stuff. I'll have a more extensive case study in my portfolio sometime soon, but I can't wait to do more with them in the future.

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