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The ABCs of A|B Post

Endcard from the A|B Post reel

Welcome to day two of my week of blog posts about this past year of work. Today we're looking at the identity for my friend Adam Bailey and his new post business A|B Post. Adam and I worked together at Rooster Teeth for several years, and when he left to become a freelance editor and colorist, he needed identity material. He'd done some initial sketching for a logo but quickly asked if I could help out so that he could focus on editing.

Before I dove in, he had already begun cutting an updated reel. With music and placeholders and some sketches from him, I had a good head start on the tone of the identity I needed to develop.

Initial sketch

The sketch that Adam did was playing off that editing is about splicing things together. Take clip A and smash it up with clip B. His initials also being AB, it's a witty little visual joke. I broke his sketch down and decided to treat it as more of a monogram. The typography is based on Avenir but adjusted in places to feel much more like Avant Garde. I wanted a base that was bold and clean and could extend out to the other aspects of the identity.

With business cards being roughly the same aspect ratio as a 16:9 it made sense to work on that canvas first knowing that I could extrapolate it out to the video. We locked in on the orange and blue colors as a way to extend the binary aspect of A|B. The blue and white is roughly the inverse of the orange and black. If you scroll past the two finished business card images you can see examples with the blue and white in effect.

Final business card

Final business card back

Alternative business card possibilities

Adam asked for some texture to be brought in so I also referenced old film elements as a way to continue the editing motif. To see the rest of Adam's portfolio, visit his site at

We'll be back tomorrow with a look at some of the gifs I've been doing for UFC and ESPN+

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Interesting post about the process of creating an identity for my friend Adam Bailey's new postal business - A|B Post. Fantastic journey from colleagues at Rooster Teeth to freelancing editor and colorist!! By the way, try it After all, if you are going to capture this moment, there is no better solution.

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