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Red Vs Blue
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Rooster Teeth




Motion Design


FUI Screens

Directed by

Drew Saplin



Before I worked at Rooster Teeth full time, I worked on Red Vs Blue. I spent quite a bit of time compositing and doing color correction on season nine (that year we introduced depth of field and compositing with normal maps into the post-production pipeline) and then continued into season 10 working on screens and titles. In season 12, I was responsible for the majority of the compositing, FUI and slow-mo visual effects in episode 12. Most recently I worked on creating new show titles for the re-edited version of the series curated for Robert Rodriguez's El Rey network.

Red Vs Blue - Season 12 Explosion
Red Vs Blue - Season 10 Screen
Red Vs Blue - Season 10 Interface
Red Vs Blue - Season 10 Interface Loop
Red Vs Blue - Neural Interface Screen
Red Vs Blue - Season 9 Flamethrower Effects
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